"Ilana's workshop provides the discipline that was missing in my art. Her presentations and critiques create an energy that inspires me to paint with clarity and enthusiasm." - E.P.

  "Ilana's painting workshop is a safe haven for learning the principles of painting and stimulating individual growth. I may walk into class ambivalent about my purpose, but I never leave without a sense of appreciation for the process of art-making and the knowledge she imparts." - T.M.

  “In the 4 years I have been taking Ilana's class I have not only learned different painting styles and techniques but very importantly have learned how to evaluate and critique my work and others. She has helped me develop my own style and create a body of work. With our class art shows, I have learned what it takes to put an art exhibit together and how to sell my paintings. Also, our class discussions of "what's happening" in the Los Angeles art scene keeps me current with today's art world.” – C.Y.

  "In her classes, Ilana has allowed me to explore my very personal creative needs. I have been with her for a number of years and have never felt criticized for doing "my thing" in class. She is a caring and sensitive teacher who encourages her students to experiment with new materials and techniques which makes her classes interesting and enjoyable." – C. K.

  "Ilana has wisely and delicately made allowances for instinct, exploration and experimentation the way a good mother does with a curious child." - M.M.